The Firestarter


Check out the videos of our real life product testing to see why our firestarter is better than the competition.  We have road tested the following market leaders:-

  • The Firestarter by Bear Grylls, versus The Firestarter by Aussie Survival Tools
  • The Swedish Light My Fire, versus The Firestarter by Aussie Survival Tools
  • The Standard flint stick versus The Firestarter by Aussie Survival Tools.

The results are surprising…..  Sadly, it is obvious that some firestarters are simply not worth the money you pay for them.

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This selection of videos shows the results of Australian Made The Firestarter against the world leaders in firestarter products.  Why are we different?  Our design is better!  Our flint (ferrocerium) is hotter!  We include the purest magnesium?  And a carbon steel striker!  And we are the only firestarter on the market to actually include it’s own source of tinder.  Check it out for yourself!

There is absolutely no doubt that The Firestarter by Aussie Survival Tools is the premium and most useable firestarter product anywhere.  And the price is right!  If you want to start a fire anywhere, at anytime, no matter how little or great your experience.  No matter the conditions.  The Firestarter is the product for you.

Don’t waste your time and money on the inferior competition.  If you are after a product that really works no matter how good you are at using it, and no matter whether it is dry or wet, or whether you have a good external source of fine kindling, then this if the firestarter for you.

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Made using the highest quality components available.  The most stringent quality control is applied.  The product is carefully hand crafted ready for your use.

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